Aliya Naumoff


Aliya Naumoff  - Bio - Aliya

Aliya Naumoff started taking photographs in high school on an exchange program in the South of Spain. Her portraits of the neighborhood children were well received and she went on to study photography and film at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. There she honed her craft and received multiple awards. Aliya was invited to work for David LaChapelle in NYC. Her first shoot was with Duran Duran and 10 naked models on a yacht for Vanity Fair. Aliya then built her portfolio and career and became a go to staple for magazines such as Vice, Fader, and Nylon. She went on to work with The New York Times, Vogue, RollingStone, and has shot campaigns for Converse and numerous other brands.

Aliya's recent work focuses on the plight of women who have been affected by the Syrian war, published by "Women in the World" for The New York Times, Refinery29, and The Huffington Post.