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Born in Pennsylvania, Aliya was first introduced to foreigners at the age of 5 as her mother translated and assisted Polish immigrants in their log farmhouse. These immigrant families often found refuge and help with her family. She loved playing and climbing trees with the foreign children, teaching them English words and helping them acclimate to a new culture. Aliya became interested in photography during a high school exchange program in the South of Spain. Her raw portraits of the neighborhood kids received a warm reception and as a result, she went on to study photography at the University of the Arts. In 2001, Naumoff was invited to work for David LaChapelle in New York City. Her first shoot with LaChapelle was with the band Duran Duran and 10 naked models on a yacht for Vanity Fair. She stayed in New York and built her portfolio and career. Magazines such as Vice, Fader, and Nylon began hiring her for editorial shoots, and she quickly became a staple photographer in the NYC scene. Aliya has worked with The New York Times, Vogue and Rolling Stone, and has shot numerous campaigns for Converse and other fashion companies. Naumoff is now directing documentary films and her recent work focuses on the plight of women who have been affected by the Syrian war, published by "Women in the World" for The New York Times and featured in The Huffington Post. Her current project is a film shot in Sweden about two Syrian refugee girls and their long, dangerous journey to seek asylum in Europe. Naumoff lives and works in New York.